About The Treeline

Hello! Welcome to The Treeline, a Canadian cannabis lifestyle blog. I, your friendly blogger, am not a cannabis expert by any means. I’m your typical small town 30-something-year-old who smoked a lot of shitty weed in high school and beyond, stopped when I had kids, and am eagerly dipping my fingers back into the sticky world of weed post-legalization.

Maybe you’re like me — a parent, or an adult who doesn’t always feel like an adult, or a person with anxiety, or a person who likes good wine and good beer and good coffee and good food and thinks good weed could fit in there nicely, too. Perhaps you get a kick out of pretty things, girly things, kitschy things, and you’re scouring the internet for how your style can fit into your (new?) cannabis hobby.

I like to write, and I like exploring the world of cannabis, and I think I’m technically a millennial so of course I like oversharing on the internet. That’s how this site was born.

Womanhood — It’s taken me a good 15 years to admit it but I kind of like pink and sparkles and rose gold (hi, I’m basic) and flowers and nicely designed things. I don’t want an alien-head pipe, I want something pretty. And I want pain relief during my period. And I want to be a responsible cannabis consumer alongside being a mother. And issues of intersectional feminism are part of all I do, including my thoughts and attitudes toward cannabis.

Work – I’m a freelance writer, working from home (with my youngest kid at my feet during the day). I don’t have a 9-to-5 corporate lifestyle so I have some flexibility, but I also need to be clearheaded to write. Finding this balance is one of my goals.

Weed – Self-explanatory, right?

I am sure that this is not a place for everyone — those who have been there and done that for a long time, those who think pink sparkly pipes are ridiculous, so on and so forth — but if you find yourself here and you like it, stick around!