Why buy cannabis accessories online?

I live in the middle of nowhere — like, drive for several hours and still in the Boreal forest nowhere. That means I do a lot of online shopping. The Purolator guy knows me well (he knocks once, leaves the packages between the doors and scurries away to not wake up the baby, unless it’s a giant order of cat litter in which case he hauls it into my house). So, when I started looking for cannabis accessories, of course I looked online.

I’ve been in head shops as a teenager and a young adult and always kind of felt out of place — like a poseur, I guess. I would probably still feel that way now because even looking online, I am Grampa Simpson: I used to be with it, then they changed what ‘it’ was; now what I’m with isn’t it and what’s it seems weird and scary to me. Concentrates confound me, TBH. Online shopping lets me be a newbie in my pajamas without anyone knowing.

Sticking with Canadian cannabis accessories

Obviously I’m not a big ‘shop local’ person, as evidenced by my collection of Amazon boxes. But I still prefer to shop Canadian. I don’t like to wait for customs, I frankly am not very psyched about the US government knowing anything about what I’m doing, and the exchange rate always sucks. There are US sites that will ship to Canada, but I think shopping Canadian is better for all of those reasons, along with the fact that it’s supporting the national economy.

The one downside to online shopping is the shipping rates. I am not a huge fan of having to pay a lot of money to ship products, though I do understand how expensive Canada Post can be.

I haven’t ordered from all of these sites (yet!) but am working my way through them all. If you know of any sites I’ve missed, comment with the details!

Canadian cannabis accessory sites

I haven’t ordered from all of these sites and cannot vouch for anything beyond the info I’ve found online. If you know of any sites I’ve missed, comment with the details!

This site is well designed, modern, and has a wide variety of goodies including pipes, bongs, ashtrays, rolling trays, storage jars, lighters, and candles.
Shipping: All orders over $150 (before taxes) will receive free standard shipping within Canada. Otherwise it’s a Canada Post Regular Parcel
Rad Find: The starter set is $85, and not only does it come with a classy pipe and grinder, it comes with popcorn from the Toronto Popcorn Company (had it, it’s delicious).

Tokyo Smoke actually sells cannabis, but only in Manitoba. They do have a good selection of elevated accessories, however, which can ship to any province but Quebec and Nunavut. This is another really well designed, modern website that speaks to the accessories you’ll find here.
Shipping: Tokyo Smoke is fucking awesome because they ship their stuff for free.
Rad Find: The six pack of Van Der Pop cones is pretty awesome if you ask me. I mean, if you want to smoke something adorable (I do).

Here’s another site with that clean, modern aesthetic. Items are on the pricey side but if that’s the look and quality you’re going for, pony up. There’s a decent variety of accessories here, from pipes to clips that masquerade as necklaces.
Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $99, and a flat rate of $8 under that, which isn’t too bad.
Rad Find: I’m not really a bong person but I cannot resist a good iridescent rainbow so I love the Aurora vase.

A+ punny site name, and I love that this e-boutique has good prices for a variety of feminine-friendly items. Reading the story behind the site I found myself nodding along in recognition.
Shipping: I can’t find a free shipping minimum.
Rad Find: I’ve seen these GeoPipes around various sites, but Pretty Lit is the first one I found with a pink GeoPipe!

This is a site that covers both you and your pets — they have various tinctures and treats for the little guys, which is not something I’ve seen anywhere else!
Shipping: Cannabis Jar ships for free in the Winnipeg area but other than that you’re paying for Canada Post.
Rad Find: This is like, the main reason I’m sharing this site: they have bubble bars. Like Lush, but better.

This site is mainly about the fancy cones, which can also be found on Amazon BUT here they come in prearranged variety packs, and there are other accessories too.
Shipping: Shipping is via Canada Post, based on weight. Lettermail is an option if you’re just getting something small that will fit in an envelope!
Rad Find: The Unicorn in Training set of cones is ridiculously over the top feminine and I love it.

Allume has a modern vibe and a solid collection of accessories. Realistically I would like one of everything from their site — it’s all very appealing and well curated.
Shipping: I can’t find information about free shipping, but otherwise it looks like Allume ships via Canada Post.
Rad Find: Like I said, everything! But the highlight of their site seems to be the Chill Box, an upscale cannabis-related subscription box. Every month subscribers get five to eight beautiful, minimalist accessories.

Clearly, there is no shortage of elevated lifestyle essentials in Canada!