Alta Vie North Star CBD

Alta Vie North Star CBD review

Alta Vie’s North Star CBD was one of the strains I picked up in my first-day OCS order. I had never tried CBD before but understood that it was going to be different than the “whatever our guy has on hand” experiences of the old days. Although I was coming into cannabis legalization and the ability to pick what I wanted based on its purported effects, I did know about CBD and its propensity toward non-psychoactive effects, and its impact on things like anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

I specifically wanted to try a high CBD, low THC strain (though I did order a balanced strain, LBS/Tweed Palm Tree CBD, the next time around). OCS lists this product at 11.0 – 18.0% CBD. Mine came in at 13.29% (and .43% THC). It was packed on September 14.

By appearance the North Star CBD looked decent. I only ordered a gram, as I did with all of my initial orders (consider it a sampler, I guess). There were a few little pieces knocked off in shipment, but it wasn’t overly dry. Lots of little orange hairs and plenty of trichomes! 

To me it has a mostly green, earthy kind of smell, with some citrus. It has a mild, clean smell and taste — not dank by any means. I’ve only vaped it, because I like to consume it in small doses during the day.

Using it during the day I find it takes whatever edges I have happening down. If I find myself squabbling with my spouse, getting frustrated by work, or just trying to keep ahead of my anxiety, a few vapes do the trick without causing any kind of mental fuzziness. If I hit it more heavily, there’s a little bit of a mental buzz, which surprised me! And, having paired it with a single drink a few times (a glass of wine, one beer), that combo is incredibly relaxing without making me feel out of control at all.

Alta Vie North Star CBD has been my favourite, most-used OCS purchase thus far. I may order more, but first I want to try my LP’s medical CBD which is 20%, to see if I prefer it. If not, I’ll most certainly be getting more North Star CBD. 

Overall Ranking: 4/5 stars
Highlights: great for daytime use, minimal psychoactive effects, meets expectations based on the brand’s copy
Lowlights: nothing, really!