LBS Palm Tree CBD review

Here’s how you know I am a newb: I had no idea that this cannabis had anything to do with Snoop (the S in LBS — Leafs by Snoop). OCS calls this “an indica-dominant strain with mild THC potency and dense buds.” I picked it out because I was interested in trying a balanced strain.

OCS puts it at 4-13% THC and 6-12% CBD. Mine came in at 7.07% THC and 8.94% CBD, packed on September 11, 2018. In the package it was in decent shape. I know that buying single grams means small buds and the potential for some sad trim jobs but mine came as a few small, dense buds with no terrible shake to speak of. It wasn’t overly dry, smelled pungent, and 

Someone on Reddit mentioned that it had a grassy taste and I absolutely noticed that, too — not a hay kind of taste, or anything bad, but a green, grassy flavour. I found that it of course hit harder than the Alta Vie North Star CBD, because the North Star has basically no THC — but not as hard as some heavier THC strains.

The balanced effect was noticeable to me. I shared a joint with my husband, then put on some oldies and cheerfully made dinner. It was relaxing, conversational, and helped me feel creative. On the downside, it was quite short-lived. The effects set in right away, but were gone within an hour.

My husband, who has a much lower tolerance than I do, was hit by it a lot harder than I expected! I don’t know if it was the joint-smoking itself, having a larger amount than usual, or the actual strain, but he said he felt like he was getting head rushes, before settling into the feelings. He wasn’t paranoid or anxious or anything like that, but having some noticeable physical reactions.

I picked that up the second time I smoked it (again in a joint). Granted, I was in a ridiculously steamy bath, but smoking it, I ended up with a dizzy feeling alongside the relaxation I was hoping for. Though I found it a social smoke it was just as fine to have on my own. Coming down from it was easy because it’s pretty light and fades out fast. Using it mid-day didn’t bother me  at all.

It was nice, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again — there are other balanced strains I’d like to try, and LBS Palm Tree CBD doesn’t really seem spectacular or unique enough to make a favourite.

Overall Ranking: 3.5/5 stars
Highlights: Good for something quick and light, without impacting your energy so much that you can’t get stuff done (or save some bandwidth for a heavier session later!). Looks pretty, tastes good.
Lowlights: The short high is not great if you’re looking for something that sticks around for awhile. The OCS strength range also seems really large, so I’m not sure how consistent it would be from batch to batch.