How I started using cannabis

The first time I smoked weed — or used weed at all, really — I was a young-ish teenager, which worked in my favour because I had an older sister whose friends were delighted to smoke me up at a birthday party. We had been drinking, too, so the details are fuzzy (not to mention it’s been probably fifteen years). But I remember feeling giddy, laughing at strange shadows and lights in the sky while standing in a lake, and trying to figure out if I could reach my hand through a wall (I couldn’t).

That little sister thing continued to work out for me as I kept going to my sister’s friend’s parties and kept smoking their weed, much to her chagrin. By the time she went off to university I had cultivated my own group of weed-loving friends, and we spent a lot of time pitching five bucks into the group fund to buy weed, smoking joints in the dark at the ball diamond, and digging holes into apple pipes.

I smoked a handful of times during my first year of university, because it took almost the whole year for people to realize that I, too, enjoyed marijuana — my floormates insisted that I did not look the type. That summer, though, I lived with one of my best friends in a small town where there was not much else to do after work other than get super high and eat nachos and blueberry pie. The next three years of post-secondary education I smoked on and off, then I moved to the Columbia Valley in BC, where it seemed like people who didn’t use weed were outside of the norm.

I moved again, back to Ontario, met my husband, and continued to socially smoke with a small group of friends — we’d get together on a Friday, smoke a few bowls, watch terrible TV and eat a lot of food. We got married, got pregnant, and that was the end of that, for the most part. Having babies and young kids, trying to get pregnant, buying a house and making career moves — my husband and I dropped weed because it didn’t seem like it fit in with our lives.

Moving into the post-prohibition era

And then there was legalization. I didn’t think much about it until it happened, but there I was, just after midnight, October 17, eagerly scrolling through the Ontario Cannabis Store website and placing an order within minutes. I forgot how much I loved weed until it was there, in front of me, legal.

That’s not to say that I think legalization is the end all, be all. I see the issues with legalization and how it happened and understand why there is still a black market that is going to exist. I don’t have opinions on how people get their weed. My point is, legalization reignited an interest for me, personally, and I was down the rabbit hole pretty quickly!

In all of my former experience using cannabis there were no options — there were no strains, no names, no percentage information, nothing. You asked for a gram or a quarter or an ounce, and you got what you got. I think it was a function of the era and the fact that for most of those years I lived in small towns, where you knew a guy who knew a guy and if you wanted weed that was the weed you were gonna get.

Suffice it to say, being able to decide what kind of high I want is one of the most exciting things about today’s weed — and that may sound naive to those who have been doing this even before legalization, but you will quickly realize that I am basically a newb getting back on her rusty old bike, and I am feeling like a major keener when it comes to terpenes and trichomes and getting weed in the mail. I’m a grown up and I can buy the weed that I want to buy and it’s fucking amazing. And that’s even with the well-documented problems OCS is having — I’m still enthralled by the end of prohibition.

With the world of weed at my feet I’m learning about what I like, what I don’t like, what I want to do next and what I don’t want to do again. I bought a vape for the first time, and am going to learn how to roll a joint, finally. I’m figuring out how to smoke alone and enjoy it. It’s all very exciting to me, which is why I started writing about it. So that’s The Treeline. Please feel free to giggle at my over the top excitement!